Real-time, File Integrity Monitoring, Network Configuration, and Compliance. The CimTrak Integrity Suite provides a comprehensive set of security, auditing, and compliance tools to ensure the integrity of your entire IT Infrastructure.

  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Proactive Change Management
  • Auditing Capabilities
  • Trusted File Registry™
  • Real-time File & Malware Analysis
  • Threat Feed Integration
  • SIEM Integration
  • Integrated Ticketing

Next-gen Vulnerability Management

Holm Security offer the most effective method of seeing and understanding how secure your whole IT environment is against external threats.

  • Automated and continuous scans.
  • Comprehensive and innovative platform.
  • Automated alarms and reports.
  • Vulnerability Manager and Continuous Monitoring.
  • Significantly increased cyber security for little extra effort.
  • Helps you to comply with laws and requirements.

Protect your apps against Malware and safeguard sensitive information from cybercriminals.

  • Promon SHIELD™ makes it more difficult for attackers to spoof your app, tamper with its security controls or perform other nefarious activities.
  • Detect whether the app is executing in an insecure environment such as on a rooted (Android) or jailbroken (iOS) device.
  • Response actions include blocking execution of injected code, notifying security administrators, and terminating the infected app to stop the execution of a compromised app.

RedStorm is security bug bounty platform. A concierge-based solution model that is designed to be as flexible with your SDLC, for the sake of providing the awareness in dealing with security threats without the need for you to be bogged down with high security maintenance costs.

  • World-class security researchers
  • Experienced in the field of information security
  • Concierge service